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Finding the perfect kind of paint for your next crafting project can be hard. We know. This is why we’ve created this site. For all the craft-lovers or anyone who needs a pro-tip on which paint to choose. We are here to help!

Who are we?

A group of enthusiasts who simply love everything related to spray paint and crafts. We know exactly how challenging it can be to find the right type of paint for rusty metal or the one that will stick perfectly to smooth surface of plastic. And don’t get us started on the paint finishes!..

What can you find here?

Lots of information about various types of spray paint and ways to use it. Need a shiny gold paint for metal? Learn more about how to choose the right shade and some tricks that will help you turn anything into gold! Or searching for the chrome paint for plastic furniture? Check out the best options we have found for you!

CraftAdvise contains only honest, unbiased and well-thought-out reviews on the best new products on the market. We carefully select the best option for any type of DIY-project.

You can also find many useful recommendations that, we hope, will help you to do the paint job effortlessly and with the best result!