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Real Financial Planning

What is financial planning? When you really take the time to boil it down, it’s simply nothing more than a comprehensive planning session around some topic. For some that might be counting the days until you stop working and retire. For others, it’s understanding how to bring on a business partner, divide their company equity,...

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My View on Bitcoin

Over the past 5 years, the world has begun to be inundated with news on the concept of cryptocurrencies. A new way to transact, invest, and conduct commerce in the modern age. It doesn’t matter where you hear about it, everyone seems to be intrigued and confused at the same time. I remember vividly in...

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The Misinformation Age

Peter Lynch is famously quoted saying “buy what you know”. A simple statement to help investors find a path forward among the confusion of the investing world. In the 1970’s, when Peter Lynch ran Fidelity’s Magellan fund, investing was a platform for the ultra rich and highly educated. Today, anyone with a smartphone can trade...

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Hype Investing

This wasn’t a bunch of people with a solid investing thesis on businesses like Gamestop, AMC Theaters, and Blackberry but rather some brilliant research into how markets work followed by a lot of hype. If you need to get caught up on what happened, Gamestop has had numerous hedge funds betting on its demise for...

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Motion vs. Action

Over the past few weeks, I have been diving into Atomic Habits by James Clear. The book is a wonderful exploration of how our brains create both good and bad habits. If you ever read the book “The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg”, this is a great follow-up and expansion on that same idea. One of...

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