Craft Advice Podcast

Hosted ByJack Csenge & Sean Moneypenny

Personal finance often gets stuck in the minutia. How much you spend on coffee or dinner are small details in the grand scheme of things. Craft Advice is focusing on large financial decisions. From investing in real estate to choosing a financial advisor, we want to highlight the large financial decisions investors make and how to work through them effectively

Tax Credits for Businesses with Powers Kane (EP.6)

In today’s episode, Jack and Sean talk with Powers Kane of Recoupe Tax. Recoupe Tax’s sole focus is getting our partners every dollar of R&D tax credits they deserve. Amounts paid for salaries, contract research, supplies, and computer leasing could all qualify for the credit. Join us today as we dive into tax credits, what qualifies, and how to determine if your business is eligible.

Learn more about Recoupe Tax:

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