What is the Best Kind of Spray Paint to Use on Plastic?

photo of the Spray Paint for PlasticPlastic may not be the toughest or the most durable material in the world but it still can serve you for a long time. If your plastic item is still good but doesn’t look as fresh or you just want to redecorate it, you can always do so with a little help of a good spray paint and your imagination. Unfortunately, you can’t just take any spray paint and make it work.

The specifics of working with plastic lies in the fact that most of the plastic items have very smooth surface with almost nothing to grip on. Ordinary paint can lie unevenly on plastic surface or peel off after drying.

And this is when the main question pops: what is the best spray paint for plastic and how to work with it?

First of all, keep in mind that any painting process requires some preparation steps. In case of working with plastic, it is cleaning, scrubbing and priming the surface with specifically designed primers like, e.g. Primer by Rust-Oleum.

After preparing the surface, use the spray paint that was developed mainly for plastic. This will guarantee you the best result and fewer efforts during the work.


Krylon ‘Fusion for Plastic’ Clear Plastic Paint

  • Extra quality
  • Great range of colors
  • Affordable
  • Can be used for PVC and other type of plastic
  • Works well for other surfaces

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photo of the Krylon 'Fusion for Plastic' Clear Plastic Paint

Type of Spray Paint for Plastic

There are few classifications of the spray paint that can help you to decide what is the best type of spray paint for plastic for your specific project.

First of all, the paint can be classified by where you can use it.

Paint for indoor usage - designed for the items inside of your house, such paint doesn’t deal great with weather influences but commonly is pretty durable in house conditions.

This type of paint can come in very interesting colors and finishes including glitter.

Paint for outdoor usage - this type of paint can be freely used for outdoor furniture or, e.g, pvc pipes as it can handle the effect of the water, sun and wind.
Paint for both indoor/outdoor usage - this is a mixed type of paint that commonly contains additional primer components. Versatile and efficient it can be used for various surfaces.

Secondly, the spray paint can have various finishes which affects drastically the result of the painting process.

Metallic – extra glossy type of paint that is trying to recreate well-known metallic shine. Such paint usually comes in gold, silver, copper and other metal related colors.

Glittery – this type of paint contains small glitter parts that make it incredibly shiny.

Satin – very soft, almost matt finish for pastel design.

Glossy – shiny, but not as reflective as the metallic finish, this paint is the most common for the plastic items.

Textured – this type includes all specialized finishes like chalk or paint with flakes etc.

Best Gold Spray Paint For Plastic

Today the Gold color still holds its winning position as one of the most high-demand color in design world. It looks good in various design styles and can always be a bright eye-catching spot in the room. Gold looks chic and can add to both modern and classic design.

In case with plastic it is even more exciting as you can turn any cheap plastic cup, vase or piece of furniture into expensive-looking item.

Most of the spray paint in this shade can be used for various surfaces but make sure that the list includes plastic as well. It is very important for the best result.


Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint

  • Deep brownish shade of gold
  • Works great with plastic and vinyl
  • Oil-based formula makes it fading resistant
  • Has a bit of shimmer
  • Fast drying

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photo of the Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint

In terms of using the best gold spray paint for plastic successfully, be sure to clean and smoothen the surface as much as you can. Gold is a bit of forgiving color, especially the antic shade or shimmering and glittery types of gold pain. But you still need as even surface as you can get.

Please notice, that the Primer step is not always a must be in the working process with plastic. If you have a good-quality spray paint that has a primer as an additional component and clean the surface carefully, you can skip one preparation step.

The Pro-Tip for not the smoothest pieces of plastic you want to turn gold is to use the spray paint with glitter or golden flakes. This will make the painted piece look like the real gold and hide all the little mistakes or bumps.


Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray

  • Reflective finish
  • Has the golden flakes for extra shine
  • Doesn’t require priming
  • Great for various surfaces including plastic
  • Dries in 15 minutes

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photo of the Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray

Best Chrome Spray Paint for Plastic

photo of the Chrome Spray Paint for PlasticAnswering the question on what is the best chrome spray paint for plastic will help you to turn any plastic item into cool looking chrome metallic piece. Imaging having the stylish chrome flower pot or design piece for only couple of bucks!

Of course, the chrome paint has its own specifics of working with. The thing is that the smooth reflective shiny effect can be achieved only with the absolutely plain and smoothened surface.

From all of the paint types and finishes to work with plastic, this is the one that most definitely requires a primer. Just to make sure that you’ll get the needed effect in the end.

Also, while choosing the right color among the dozens of the seemingly same shades from various brands, be sure that it is reflective like the true chromed metal is. Some paint can be named chrome or aluminum but have a simple gray shade in result.


Rust-Oleum Bright Coat Metallic Color

  • Has metallic reflective shine
  • Lasts for long
  • Large amount of metallic colors
  • Dries in 60 minutes completely

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photo of the Rust-Oleum Bright Coat Metallic Color

Best Spray Paint for PVC Pipe

Let’s talk more particularly about the specific surfaces you might need the spray paint for. The PVC pipe comes in various sizes and can be used for various home needs including drain purposes or DIY projects. The thing is that the plastic pvc has extra slick surface which makes it impossible to work with many types of paint.

This is that specific case when you most definitely need a paint developed for plastic in the first place. We would recommend Krylon for Plastic that was already mentioned above. It sticks to the plastic durably and doesn’t crack or flake off.

The pipe will need a preparation work to be done as well. Don’t hesitate to sand the pipe carefully with a sandpaper and clean it with the help of acetone. Such pipes commonly come in white color which is really helpful with enhancing the color but a good primer is still always a plus.

Best Spray Paint for Plastic Chairs and Other DIY-projects

photo of the Spray Paint for Plastic ChairsWe wanted to find the spray paint that will meet the most expectations and requirements for almost any DIY project. The paint that you could use both indoors and outdoors. As we all know, when the inspiration hits you hard, it is almost impossible to stop. Thus, you can start painting the plastic chairs in your garden and finish with the redecorating your living room design.

This is why we would recommend choosing the versatile paint for your small DIY-projects that can be used for various surfaces indoors and outdoors. This type of paint commonly comes with the primer which makes it last longer without peeling off or fading.


Rust-Oleum Corporation Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2X Gloss Spray Paint

  • Vibrant colors
  • Versatile
  • Creates thicker coats of paint
  • Provides a bit glossy finish
  • Dries quickly

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photo of the Rust-Oleum Corporation Painter's Touch Ultra Cover 2X Gloss Spray Paint

Buyer’s Guide: How To Pick The Best Plastic Spray Paint?

Of course, the choice of the spray paint lays solely on your needs for the future project. There are few things do decide before even starting to search for the paint:

What surface will you be working with?

Is it furniture for your backyard or plastic toys for your kid? Maybe a school project? Understanding of the future circumstances that can affect the item can help you with choosing the required type of the paint.

Think about the result you want to achieve.

This includes the color and the paint finish.

Consider whether you’ll need a primer for the specific plastic item.

For example, you are seeking for the best spray paint for plastic models. If they are in good condition, cleaning them with some acetone and using the sandpaper will do the preparation job enough. For such an item there is no need in searching for the outdoor type of paint which leaves you with wider choice of colors and finishes.

Always check if the paint is proper for the plastic surfaces!

In the end, we would like to give you a few pro-tips on the best ways to remove spray paint from plastic. This can come in hand if you need to remove the previous layer of paint or correct some of the mistakes.

  • You can remove the paint with a razor or a putty knife. This is useful for thick layers of hard dried paint.
  • Use Acetone or Denatured alcohol. With most of the paints, these liquids can do the best job.